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You might be a carer/caregiver who is struggling with challenging circumstances as partners (and/or even parents) of loved ones battling a long term illness or disability, my coaching is based on these principles

The Principles.....

U – Unique:        

N – Nurture:       

C – Connect:      

O – Open:          

V – Valued:        

E – Embrace:     

R – Reality:        

And you might not be a carer/caregiver, and just someone looking for assistance in navigating through challenging circumstances, our coaching principles will also be beneficial for you. 

I will work with you to…

Uncover the potential you don’t think you have

Uncover areas where you need to grow

Uncover your hidden desire to be free

Uncover the possibility of a joyful life


Uncover the lies you have accepted in your life and discover the gem in you!

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